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August 2 in Oleiros

Moon Gate, Oleiros

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Online Challenge
"Esta ou a tua Moon Gate"

Esta ou a Tua Moon Gate

Draw, illustrate, paint, photograph, film, build, write or express yourself by other means about what is this or yours “Moon Gate”.

Share on instagram and tag @cortiçadaartfest so that on the 2nd of August your work will be shared on corticadaartfest instagram.

The most inspiring works will be published on the official page www.corticadaartfest.pt

Get inspired and surprise!


Online Workshop
"Art Strings"

Jorge Marquez

Artist / Craftsman: Jorge Marquez
County: Oleiros

In this online workshop conducted by Jorge Marquez you may learn how to build unique and big scale work pieces with metallic wire and iron with the “filigree” technique.

Jorge Marquez was born in Lisbon and lives in the countryside in the village of Orvalho, Oleiros, since 2017. Jorge is a self-taught craftsman with skilled techniques of painting and handling different materials. With these skills and techniques, Jorge achieved to works in the advertising market before the digital communication. At the same time this professional activity developed his artistic side through a wide range of forms. Gradually Jorge achieved his dream of recognition as someone who always developed his art to the limit. One of his most relevant works is a real scale car exposed in the Museo Automobilistico y de la Moda in Malaga.


Inauguration of artwork
"Moon Gate"

the authors MAG, Marques de Aguiar -
Marta Aguiar and Mariana Costa -
and Sofia Marques de Aguiar

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