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August 1 in Proença-a-Nova

Farol dos Ventos, Proença-a-Nova

Buraca da Moura, Chão do Galego, Proença-a-Nova    Map


Online Challenge
"Este ou o Teu Farol dos Ventos"

Este ou o Teu Farol dos Ventos

Draw, illustrate, paint, photograph, film, build, write or express yourself by other means about what is this or yours “Farol dos Ventos (Winds Lighthouse)”.

Share on instagram and tag @cortiçadaartfest so that on the 1st of August your work will be shared on corticadaartfest instagram.

The most inspiring works will be published on the official page www.corticadaartfest.pt

Get inspired and surprise!


Workshop Online
"Sobral Fernando Colours"

Helena Fernandes

Artist / Craftsman: Helena Fernandes
County: Proença-a-Nova

In this online workshop conducted by Helena Fernandes you may learn the “batik (atike)” technique to dye cloth.

Helena Fernandes has an Impassioned and fascinating nature with an inspiring energy. For her, the most fascinating of her work is the search of new things.

Helena Fernandes was born in the village of Sobral Fernando, county of Proença-a-Nova. After studying in the Fine Arts School, at Lisbon, Helena worked as an Art teacher. Helena develops her works with oil, acrylic and charcoal, ceramics and tapestries. In her curriculum, there are exhibitions in Lisbon, Ericeira, Castelo Branco, Idanha-a-Nova, Proença.-a-Nova among other places.


Inauguration of artwork
"Farol dos Ventos"

the authors MAG, Marques de Aguiar -
Marta Aguiar and Mariana Costa -
and Sofia Marques de Aguiar

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Concert with
Soul Brothers Empire

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