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Cortiçada Art Fest
is a Manifesto for Change

The "Art in Landscape" routes of Cortiçada and the Water Lines are a manifesto of change about the landscape:

  1. Each work of art marks a specific place in the landscape, in its geographic and cultural dimensions.

  2. As public art, each work is a creation rooted in the place, in the memories, and in the aspirations of those who inhabit it.

  3. Contemporary creation engages with the cultural and geographic landscape, enhancing aesthetic enjoyment.

  4. The involvement of people and places, from creation to the delivery of the works, is an instrument of long-term economic, community, and territorial development.

  5. The routes are open and democratic, including the experience and understanding of inhabited landscapes with their works of art.

  6. Art in Landscape routes promote the reconnection of communities with their territories, opening new perspectives for population settlement and the development of landscape values.

A manifesto by the Marta Aguiar, Mariana Costa, and Sofia Marques de Aguiar collective

Discover more about EXPERIMENTA PAISAGEM (the project that promotes Cortiçada Art Fest here)